Six O' Clock

Unbeweaveable: Reading Group Guide

  1. In the first few chapters, we sense the impending doom about Mariah’s job. Why do you think she chooses to ignore it?
  2. When Mariah loses her job, why does she stick her nose up at other job offers? If you had a corporate job, would you be willing to take a less prominent job for lower pay? Is she right about her standpoint on careers vs. jobs?
  3. Finish this sentence. Mariah losing her weave could be likened to ______________.
  4. Mariah loses her confidence when she’s forced to remove her weave. What is one thing about your physical appearance that would make you lose confidence if you lost it? Why?
  5. What is your first impression of Mariah’s sister, Renee?
  6. Mariah has a bad salon experience in Houston. Do you think people of other races are allowed to say the word, “nappy?” Why or why not?
  7. Mariah feels ugly with dark skin and short hair. Do you think other women feel this way? Do you think the media perpetrates the false truth that “light skin and long hair” is the only definition of beautiful? If so, what could you do individually to change it?
  8. It’s obvious that Beverly and Mariah have a strained relationship. Who do you think bears the blame for that, and why?
  9. When Mariah learns the truth about her father she is devastated. Why does she direct her anger at her mother even though her grandmother bears some of the responsibility? How would you have reacted? Are you convinced that Beverly should have kept the secret?
  10. What do you think of Gloria?
  11. Were you expecting Beverly and Paul to get back together? What did you think of their reunion?
  12. The way the book ended left a possibility of a real relationship being started between Mariah and Beverly. Did you like the way the book ended? How would have liked the book to end and why?