Who would have thought that a former hairstylist could become an author? Definitely, not me. I’ve always liked to read. Some of my fondest memories involve going to the library with my parents. I even like the smell of books—the first thing I do when I get a new book is open it and smell the pages. (Which may not be the smartest thing to do when you’re borrowing a library book that smells like two-month old chili.) But you get the point—I love books.

My road to writing really got started as a dare. My older sister was writing a book and I thought it was good, but I pointed out a few flaws. In a huff, she replies, “I’d like to see you do better.”

And so I did.

Six O’clock was born from me getting teased mercilessly in high school for being thin. People often told me that I could Hoola-hoop through a Cheerio. (I know original, right?) Five years and hundreds of rejections letters later, Six O’clock finally found a home.

Due to health reasons, I am no longer styling hair. But as one door closes another one opens, and I can now say I am an author.

When I’m not watching HGTV or Food Network, I’m snuggled in the arms of my husband or watching my daughter grow up before my eyes, (and trying not to cry that she’s not a baby anymore!).