Six O' Clock

Six O'Clock: Reviews

- Katrina Spencer spins a refreshing tale that perfectly blends drama with laugh-out-loud funny! Readers will no doubt enjoy the ride. -

~Mari Walker, Essence Bestselling author of "NEVER AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TIME"~

- A perfect wash and set: Katrina Spencer’s Six O’clock is a fun, lighthearted look at the competitive, back-stabbing world of high-end beauty salons. The writing is humorous and lively and it’s easy to root for the down-to-earth heroine. -

~Joanne Skerrett author of "SUGAR AND SPICE"~

- Katrina Spencer, in her debut novel Six O’Clock, introduces readers to a very different and refreshing story. Yolanda Peterson is a young and talented hair stylist who is employed at one of Houston’s popular day spas, Behave Hair Salon. Her talent is over shadowed by her thin figure. Yolanda was given the nickname Six o’Clock from her father because her figure reminded him of the hands on a clock, straight up and down. Tired of hearing everyone tell her she has a pretty face but she needs to eat and put “put some meat on them bones,” Yolanda strikes out to prove that there is more to her than her thin shape.

Yolanda receives a promotion to assistant manager and she learns a difficult lesson in maintaining her friendship with a stylist, Natalie, and moving into her role as manager. She also decides to let her manager, Maxwell, know that she is interested in him romantically. Despite acknowledging that Yolanda is pretty, fun and easy to talk with, Maxwell cannot escape the fact that Yolanda is as thin as a pencil.

Six O’Clock was a wonderful story to read. Spencer tells how it feels to be an African American female who is not bootylicious or has big breasts. The story focuses on the impact of words, perception, image, self–esteem, balancing work, friendships and relationships, and peer pressure. Readers will be able to identity with Yolanda as she reaches out for acceptance. I recommend this book for everyone, particularly young females. I will eagerly wait to read more from this author. -

~Priscilla C. Johnson (APOOO BookClub)~

- Yolanda Peterson has been a successful hairstylist at Behave, the upscale beauty salon in Houston, TX, for several years. When she gets a coveted assistant management position, working with the man of her dreams, you would think she’d be happy; but Yolanda has had self-esteem problems for years. Yolanda has, what most people would call, an overactive metabolism, and she has suffered through years of emotional abuse by her father, classmates, co-worker’s and society in general, due to her inability to gain weight.

Yolanda is a smart and successful woman who allows her new promotion and her desire to fit in to cause her to lose focus of what is truly important in life. It’s only when her self-esteem has been ripped to shreds and her career is suddenly in jeopardy, along with her father’s life, that Yolanda finally stands up for herself. She even helps the one person who has caused her the most pain in her professional life.

SIX O’CLOCK is a story about women and men who have an unrealistic view of what true beauty entails. Yolanda is discriminated against because of her thinness, while her best-friend is discriminated against for being overweight. Both of these women are loving and smart, but Natalie has a greater sense of self, and allows no one to “dull her shine”. The other characters have similar issues, one whom suffered years of physical abuse as a child because of her looks, and is still trying to overcome the effects of that on her life.

Ms. Spencer’s debut novel touches on the definition of beauty, by society’s standards and our own personal desires. She has done an excellent job, weaving the stories of multiple characters together, while allowing the reader to sympathize and empathize with their struggles. I enjoyed the fact that she allows you to see that even those who seem to be on top of the world can have some secret taking a toll on their lives. -

~Marguerite Lemons (

- This book is a must read! The story gets better and better the more you keep reading. It's a page turner and a must have for 2009 books… Congratulations Katrina Spencer, author of the book Six O'clock for a job well done. I definitely give this book my blessing. Pick it up today and enjoy a wonderful down home story that is sure to please. -

~The Literary Diva (