Six O' Clock

Six O'Clock: Reading Group Guide

  1. Do you feel Yolanda’s body issues stem from media images of a curvier body type? Or was it something she got from the teasing and nickname her father gave her?
  2. It seems at every opportunity someone is making a crack about Yolanda’s weight. Is she being too sensitive, or are her feelings justified?
  3. What do Yolanda’s dreams mean?
  4. Theresa’s treatment of Yolanda stems from physical and verbal abuse from her mother. As women, do you feel we belittle other women based on our past childhood experiences? Explain.
  5. As Yolanda career advances, she leaves Natalie in the dust. Share an experience when you, or someone you know, have left friends behind for work, relationships, etc.
  6. When Natalie shifts careers and begins culinary school, her work at the salon begins to suffer. Shouldn’t she expect to be reprimanded for her poor job performance? Was is it the fact that Yolanda was the one writing her up that caused her to be upset or was it that Yolanda didn’t stick up for Natalie when she needed her most?
  7. Maxwell struggles with the fact that he is falling in love with Yolanda. Name a time when you fell in love with someone who you weren’t attracted to at first.
  8. Where does Jackie’s hate from her mother stem from? Do you think her drinking problem caused her to lose control or had she already lost it?
  9. Dee Dee closed herself off emotionally when her son died. Did that come from guilt over his death, or was that part of her grieving process?
  10. The family reunion scene is tragic. Would that have been the last straw for you? What is your breaking point in a relationship? Name things you simply will not tolerate in a relationship.
  11. Jackie’s explosive confession shows how fresh and raw her pain is. Do you think her relationship with her mother can be repaired? Who do you feel is responsible for the breakdown of the relationship, Dee Dee or Jackie?
  12. Even when Yolanda reached out and helped Theresa get her job back, Theresa still tries to win Maxwell’s heart. Name a time when you fought for love and lost.
  13. It was good to see Maxwell beg Yolanda to give him another chance. Do you believe in second chances, and if so, was Yolanda right in giving Maxwell one?