Six O' Clock

Unbeweaveable: About


Mariah Stevens doesn’t take no for an answer. Her take charge, tough-as-nails exterior has helped her become Book Review Editor at Spirit Magazine—no small feat considering she’s only 29. She lives in a stunning apartment in Manhattan, her clothes are ripped straight from runways, and her manicured nails are never chipped. Life is good.

Her secret weapon? Her long, glorious weave that she’s been wearing since she was 16. It’s her power, her strength, and she’s completely addicted to it, and can’t even remember what her real hair looks like.

In a sudden move, Spirit Magazine folds, and for the first time in her life she’s left asking, “What’s next?”

With her savings dwindling, she’s forced to remove her weave and make the call that she hasn’t made in years—the call home. Now, Mariah is back home in Houston, living with her well-to-do biracial half-sister and light-skinned mother, both who are blessed with hair long enough to sleep in. Mariah has always stuck out like a sore thumb, and is constantly reminded of such with her dark skin and kinky short hair. Living in Houston has Mariah facing her old demons and without the support of her weave, she’s losing her strength, but most importantly—her confidence.

When she discovers a family secret, it opens doors to her past and threatens to break her already fragile world apart. With her sister by her side Mariah is determined to learn the truth. Unbeweaveable is about Mariah’s quest to confront questions of love, loyalty, and family to find her way back home.